Mixed-Level Yoga

Flow through your practice while working on poses. This class accommodates a wide range of experience levels from beginner to students that have practiced for a long period of time.

Core Class

This class is a combination of yoga and core workout. The class focuses on strengthening your core and abdominal muscles while improving your flexibility and strength.

Beginner's Yoga

This class is about building a solid foundation in basic yoga poses and is appropriate for those who are new to yoga as well as students that are working on refining their core poses.

Prenatal Yoga

Prepare for childbirth through gentle yoga poses and breathing exercises It is a great opportunity for mothers-to-be to connect and discuss their growing babies and changing bodies.


Joseph Pilates the founder of Pilates believed that his conditioning system would help develop muscle tone without any extra strain or tension on the body. This class will introduce the fundamentals of Pilates, including: breathing from the core, engaging your core and a fluid spine.

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